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Mx. Auricle


Arianna “Auricle” Ngnomire is a  captivating public speaker with the vision of freeing the shackles of the mind through community, art, and action. Arianna uses creativity as a vehicle for transforming people, spaces, and administrations. You can watch them on season 4 of the CW hit TV show, Nancy Drew  playing the recurring role of Jade, a non-binary PR maven with a charming spirit. 


Upon witnessing the Trayvon Martin case on TV in 2013,  Arianna experienced their first calling towards activism. They quickly became involved in their high school's Black Student Association, leading conversations about the Black experience in Boulder, CO.  They obtained their BFA Screen Acting degree from Chapman University where they deepened their anti-colonial resolve, and artistic expression.

While serving as President of the Black Student Union at Chapman University,  Arianna led a fundraising campaign for the Houston Food Bank. The fundraised provided over 2,000 meals for residents of Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

As Vice-President of the Student Government Association at Chapman University, Arianna opened conversations between the administration, and the Black students on campus which began the process of transforming the university into a more inclusive space for BIPOC students. This directly led to the creation of the role Director of Black Excellence and Achievement, and has since then seen more resources develop for other marginalized communities.


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Arianna co-founded Wellness Online, a digital community space offering group healing sessions, and rectifying burnout through creative events like "Creative Recovery", and "Soul Sessions". 

Arianna's current missions is to reduce burnout rates amongst community organizers by encouraging creativity in their practices.

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